LAP-BAND Candidates

The BioEnterics® LAP-BAND® System is not right for everyone. Here are some of the things the physician will consider when evaluating your candidacy for obesity surgery.


The LAP-BAND System may be right for you if:

  • Your BMI is 35 or higher or you weigh at least twice your ideal weight or you weigh at least 100 pounds more than your ideal weight.
  • You can use the BMI Calculator to determine your current BMI.
  • Your serious attempts to lose weight have had only short-term success.
  • You are willing to continue being monitored by the specialist who is treating you.

If you do not meet the BMI or weight criteria, you still may be considered for surgery if your BMI is over 40 and you are suffering from serious health problems related to obesity.

Your Motivation

While the LAP-BAND System is an effective treatment for morbid obesity, the weight does not come off itself. The LAP-BAND System is an aid to support you in achieving lasting results by limiting food intake, reducing appetite and slowing digestion. However, your motivation and commitment to adopt a new lifestyle are extremely important for long-term weight loss. New eating habits must be adhered to for the rest of your life. Exercise is an equally important component of a changed lifestyle.

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