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ReShape Gastric Balloon

What is the ReShape Gastric Balloon?
ReShape gastric balloon is a device used as part of a non-invasive weight loss treatment to achieve and maintain weight loss. The treatment involves the placement of two balloons inside your stomach coupled with a weight-loss therapy program for 12 months. The procedure is reversible and does not involve changing the body’s anatomy.

Who is an ideal candidate for treatment with the ReShape Gastric Balloon?
It is recommended for those who have a high BMI (30-40), find diet and exercise inadequate to lose weight, and do not qualify for surgical weight loss procedures or wish to avoid them.

How is the procedure performed?
The ReShape gastric balloon is placed endoscopically during an outpatient procedure under mild anesthesia and sedation. It consists of two connected balloons which are introduced into the stomach through the mouth. The balloons are then filled with saline to reduce the space within the stomach and produce a feeling of fullness, encouraging you to eat smaller meals.

How long does the treatment continue?
The ReShape gastric balloon is kept in place for a period of 6 months during which you are offered personalized advice on diet and exercise. The balloon helps initiate the process of weight loss. The program extends for another 6 months after its removal to help you maintain the healthy lifestyle choices and sustain your weight loss.

Patient Information Guide

The Patient Information Guide provides an in-depth explanation of the ReShape Procedure, describing all aspects of insertion and removal, clinical trial outcomes, contraindications, etc. Be sure to give all everyone who attends a patient seminar a Patient Information Guide to take home and share with their family.

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